Sunday 8 July 2018
Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford

EAIS Executive Committee member and Israel Studies lecturer at SOAS, Dr. Yair Wallach, will be at the Bradford Literature festival this year, discussing the topic- Jerusalem: where are we now?

As a central city to three of the world’s major religions, Jerusalem is not just a city, but a symbol. During its history, it has been destroyed at least twice and besieged 23 times, not to mention countless captures and recaptures. Due to its contested position between Israel and Palestine, discourse surrounding the city is always loaded.

In the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the tension has escalated. This event will examine how the controversial move has affected international relations and what impact it has had on the wider context of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

You can purchase tickets for the session, via the Bradford Literure Festival website.