The lab (research team) “World Jewry—Views from Israel” is now offering a scholarship for Ph.D studies at the Israel Studies Center of the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism, located at the Sde Boker Campus of Ben-Gurion University. Eligible for the scholarship are graduates of thesis-track MA programs in the social sciences with a 90 + grade average (BA graduates with distinction will also be considered for direct Ph.D track).

The Ph.D candidate will be an integral part of a research team led by Prof. Ofer Shiff. The lab members investigate the various ways in which Jewish North-American communities (and their perceptions, identities, and agendas) are present within the history, society, culture, politics, and discourse of Israel.

The following are research questions investigated in the lab, and possible Ph.D subjects:

  • A comparative analysis (historical and/or contemporary) of Israeli perceptions of Jewish North-American communities versus Israeli perceptions of Jewish communities in other countries.
  • How, and to what degree, do the perceptions and images of Jewish North-American communities shape or challenge prominent aspects and voices of Israeli society?
  • How do the identities and perceptions of Jewish North-American communities translate into Israeli policy concerning issues of state and religion, immigration to and emigration from Israel, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender, relations between Jews and non-Jews, public space…?
  • How do different perceptions among Jewish North-American communities affect the definition of boundaries of Jewish identity in Israel, and the power relations between groups and individuals in Israeli society?


Candidates must submit the following documents:

  • A statement of research intent describing main fields of study and potential research subjects.
  • CV, including publications to date.
  • Transcripts from previous degree programs.
  • Two letters of recommendations (for MA students, one letter from research advisor).


Final date of application is February 25, 2018 (email to

Recommendation Writers should send letters directly to