Editors: Semion Goldin, Mia Spiro, Scott Ury
(Routledge, 2019)

We are delighted to announce the publication by Routledge of the volume Jewish Migration in Modern Times: The Case of Eastern Europe which was co-edited by Semion Goldin (The Hebrew University), Mia Spiro (The University of Glasgow), and
Scott Ury (Tel Aviv University), and sponsored by the Hebrew University’s Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry.

Earlier published as a special volume of the journal East European Jewish Affairs, this collection of nine articles and two primary sources in English translation examines various aspects of Jewish migration within, from and to Eastern Europe between 1880and the present.

The volume includes contributions by historians and social scientists alongside memoir material regarding the historical experiences of Jewish immigrants as well as the impact that anti-Jewish violence and government policies had on individual decisions to emigrate. By examining the phenomenon of Jewish migration from a number of disciplinary perspectives and in a variety of centers in Europe, Israel and North America, the articles in this volume challenge many longstanding assumptions regarding the connection between Eastern Europe and Jewish migration.

Jewish Migration in Modern Times focuses on complex questions regarding historical agency as well as those related to the reception of Jewish immigrants in different locales and many of the personal dilemmas faced by those who debated the choices, decisions and directions of their life-changing moves to new lands.

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Jewish migration in modern times: the case of Eastern Europe
Scott Ury

1. Mr. Lewinstein goes to parliament: rethinking the history and historiography of Jewish
David Feldman

2. “Between the straits”: Jewish immigration to the United States and Palestine, 1915–
Gur Alroey

3. Jewish emigration from communist Poland: the decline of Polish Jewry in the
aftermath of the Holocaust
Dariusz Stola

4. Surmounting obstacles to migration and repatriation amid Polish and Israeli nationbuilding
Marcos Silber

5. Swedish policy on Jewish immigration from Poland, 1968–1972
Łukasz Górniok

6. Conflicting visions: debates relating to Soviet Jewish emigration in the global arena
Suzanne D. Rutland

7. The emigration intentions of Russian Jews: the role of socio-demographic variables,
social networks, and satisfaction with life
Eugene Tartakovsky, Eduard Patrakov & Marina Nikulina

8. Media, politics, and Jewish migration from East Europe amid the military crisis in
Ukraine, 2014–2015
Olena Bagno-Moldavski

9. The long silent revolution: capturing the life stories of Soviet-Jewish migrants to the
West, 1970–2010
Rebecca A. Kobrin & Jay Oppenheim

9A. “That’s what I did”
9B. Excerpt from “Now I know that there are other countries”