Grand Strategy: Mapping the Contemporary Middle East

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Date(s) - 04/09/2019 - 05/09/2019
09:00 - 17:00

School of Government & International Affairs (SGIA), University of Durham


This conference will map the historic and conceptual underpinnings of Grand Strategy as it has developed across the contemporary Middle East, drawing on the disciplines of diplomatic history, international relations, foreign policy decision-making, political economy, and area studies.

The aim is to gain an understanding of how the concept and constructs of Grand Strategy have shifted and changed from the Cold War to the present in a regional system where (in)security has often been defined as much by the ideational as much as the physical challenge to state sovereignty. The conference explores the role that Grand Strategy has played in the shaping of the region and why, as a concept, it still has traction in explaining the shifting alliances and dispensation of power across the region. It also investigates the likely benefits to be had, both intellectually as well as across the public domain, in funding such a project. While the idea of Grand Strategy is not new, an in-depth interdisciplinary enquiry of its application to the contemporary Middle East most certainly is.

Day 1: Grand Strategy in the Middle East: History and Context

Panel One: Grand Strategy and the Great Powers: The Historical Legacy

Panel Two: Grand Strategy from the Ground Up: Regional Actors in Historical Context

Day 2: Grand Strategy and the Middle East: The Contemporary Debates

Panel Three: Grand Strategy and the Middle East: The New International Players

Panel Four: Grand Strategy: The Regional Actors and Global Challenges

Conference attendance is free, but registration is necessary.

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