Each year the annual conference gets better as we learn what works and as our membership grows. This year’s conference in London was the best yet. With nearly 200 delegates there was a real energy and enthusiasm. Bigger is not always better but it was this time. There were more panels, higher quality papers and a greater breadth of scholarship than ever before. The challenge was to pack so much into 3 days and inevitably there was some disappointment over clashes of timetabling. There was just so much going on. We experimented this year with different formats of round tables and discussions. There were 3 very high quality plenaries and several important book launches. Perhaps the most important development was the widening breadth disciplines to include fascinating scholarship on film, literature and culture generally. My ambition is to see all aspects of Israel Studies represented at our conferences.

We are already planning next year’s conference in Poland, building on the success of London. I am convinced that it will be another fascinating event and look forward to seeing you all there.