The Israeli Political Science Association (ISPSA) deals with all research areas relating to the study of politics, including political science, government, public policy, public administration, and international relations.

The ISPSA annual conference will, this year, take place at the Western Galilee College
on Thursday 23 May 2019.

The final date for submitting proposals for conference sessions and abstracts is 12 December 2018.

Proposals should be submitted online at the Association’s website.

The central theme of the conference is ‘Political Systems in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Responses’

The conference will be held this year in the light of the significant changes that political systems are undergoing in the first two decades of the twenty-first century.

The twenty-first century is setting challenges to democratic and non-democratic states across the world. The extensive use of social media has made the world a smaller global village than ever. Technological changes in the spheres of medicine, transportation, food, arms, and others are generating challenges to political systems in aspects of central and local governments, and socio-economic aspects, and in terms of the center- periphery divide. Ahead of us is an era of crisis in liberal democracy, struggles betweennationalism and neoliberalism, between leaders’ populism and the electorate’s ability to make rational choices. All these evoke concepts such as governance, transparency, accountability, representativeness and active citizenship that allow the conference participants to raise to the surface and shed light on how different states, Israel among them, are coping with those challenges.

The annual conference of the Israel Political Science Association is aimed at honing those issues in terms of models of political systems in Israel and elsewhere, and the way in which those systems handle the dynamically changing reality.

In tandem with the conference’s main theme, we invite the research community to submit papers and panels on diverse topics deriving from political science research spheres, international relations, and public administration and policy, and in various contexts – historical, political, societal, international, and others. We will be glad to accept both theoretical papers and empirical analyses.

This invitation is addressed to researchers and lecturers holding a doctoral or master’s degree, doctoral students or graduate students in advanced stages of writing their research thesis. Proposals (in Hebrew or English) for a panel or a separate research presentation should be uploaded to the Organizing Committee on the Association’s website (see below); the committee will schedule them for one of the panels. This year, we are strongly encouraging submission of papers to be presented in English, chiefly for the benefit of English-speakers participating in the conference.

Proposals for a panel should include: an outline of the subject, names of the chairperson, the discussants, and the presenters, together with a 250-word abstract of each of the participants’ lectures. There can be up to two chairpersons and up to five presenters.

Proposals for separate papers should include the title, the name of the submitter, and an abstract not exceeding 250 words.

All participants in the conference – chairpersons, discussants, lecturers and audience –must pay a registration fee. Each participant is entitled to present one work only. Presenters may also serve as chairpersons of panels and as discussants.

For details on accommodation options in the area of the conference, please contact Yosi Ganel at