In this celebratory period marking 70 years of state-building, one of the titans of modern Israel will be our guest at

The New North London Synagogue, East End Road , London N3 2SY
on Monday June 4, at 8 pm
I hope that you will reserve the date to meet and hear Yossi LeshemProf of Zoology at Tel Aviv University, and veteran campaigner for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.
Yossi first came to public prominence following a series of devastating air crashes caused by “bird strikes”
By literally “flying with the birds” in a motorised glider Yossi mapped out the flight paths of the huge migratory flocks  – pelicans, storks, eagles and buzzards and many smaller species –  500 million in number – soaring through Israel’s airspace each Spring and Autumn.
As a result of his researches migrations are now rigorously monitored and the flight paths of civilian and military planes are altered accordingly.
Given his boundless enthusiasm, charisma and ebullience and a natural brilliance in marketing Yossi has conveyed his infectious passion to lay publics, to non-birder politicians, generals, artists both at home , across the Arab World as well as Europe, Africa and the Americas.  He has been driven by the anthem that “birds know no boundaries”.
On June 4 Yossi will give an illustrated presentation on the theme – “BIRDS AS PEACEMAKERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST”
For more information, please contact the Society For The Protection Of Nature In Israel.